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The History of Christmas

11/08/2015 13:59
The Start..... It would be easy enough to imagine Christmas as a simple continuum of tradition dating from the birth of Christ. You'd begin with the nativity story, apply the December 25th date to Jesus' birth, establish the gift-giving precedent of the magi and work from there. Over the...


11/08/2015 13:58
Christmas Gifts For many people--whether they care to admit it or not--Christmas is about presents. Children nearly burst in anticipation of Christmas morning. Far-sighted adults start stockpiling on-sale gifts early in the summer. The procrastinating multitudes flock to the mall in the week ...

The Birth Of Jesus

20/10/2010 13:58
Was Jesus really born on December 25th? John D. McHugh/AFP/Getty Images The Bible is fairly ambiguous about when Jesus was born. At Christmastime, you might notice signs amid residential light displays or on church...

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